Bicester Junior Triathlon 17 April 2016

We learn how to manage our expectations at Bicester in the hope that it will always be better than it was previously. But we had to manage them far greater than we expected this time.

Due to circumstances out of our triathletes control this event had some issues. Despite the weather the day before race day was sunny but chilly. We knew the bike would be soft going so Bicester is a good race to learn how to bike on soft and sometimes uneven ground.

Despite it taking a few days to get the race times through we do have some results despite not all children having split times.  The positions below are gender positions in each Tri Star.

Representing the club on the day was:


Freddy I – 1st
Thomas R – 4th
Niamh A (first race) – 8th


Eddie B – 15th
Jake M – 6th
Joe B – 21st
Aaron H – 13th
Freya P – 9th
Catherine B – 14th
Thomas M – 17th


Isobel C-A – 11th
Aaron C – 25th
Freya W – 23rd
Thomas H – 32nd
Lucy R – 28th
Corrie D – 30th
Emily W – 25th


Katie P – 3rd
Harvey J – 15th
Richard C – 19th
Olie W – 37th
Mabel S – 12th
Daniel R – 8th
Max M – 3rd

Despite the ‘kerbs’ you all had to negotiate it was a really good turnout for the club and to see you all racing. Thanks to Harry S who popped over to support us all despite being injured at the moment.

We await the outcome from the South Central Series race co-ordinators after numerous emails and phone calls have been made to them not just from Team Cherwell about our concerns (which I emailed to them last week). I have raised the question can the race results be counted in the race series.