Brackley Junior Triathlon 01 Oct

This was the last race of the season and is part of the Team Cherwell Junior Grand Prix so there was a good turnout in all categories and everything to play for! Especially in TS2 as we knew it was very tight in the final stages for that top position.

Unfortunately it will not be remembered for the best organised.  The course was changed a numbers of times and the timing was a bit of a shambles to say the least!  The youth run course was changed whilst they were already in the pool swimming and all children had to be escorted on a long transition down the road to the bikes (however this bit was not the organisers fault).

All things considered the juniors all managed to deal with the situation well and we had some great racing throughout the morning with some great results across all age categories.  Well done to all who took part and below are the juniors who reached top 10 positions.

Isla Nurser 4th
Isobel Stuchfield 9th
Alex Cross 3rd

Imogen Barnett 6th
Liberty Bennett 7th
Alfred Ryder 7th
Thomas Roberts 8th
Charlie Duffy 9th

Isobel Compton-Alway 3rd
Melanie Heraud 5th
Freya Pamphlett 9th
Jake Morgan 6th

Daniel Roberts 1st
Max Morgan 3rd
Mabel Shepherd 3rd

Katie Pamphlett 1st
Ieland Heraud 3rd