Ages, categories & distances

All distances are approximate and the course maps can be viewed by clicking the course maps tab.

Age Swim Bike Run
Tristar Start 8 yrs 50m 1000m (1 lap) 600m
(1 small lap)
Tristar 1 9-10yrs 150m 3000m (3 laps) 900m
(1 big lap)
Tristar 2 11-12yrs 200m 5000m (5 laps) 1800m
(2 big laps)
Tristar 3 13-14yrs 300m 7000m (7 laps) 2400m (2 big laps + 1 small lap)
Youths 15-16yrs 400m 9000m (9 laps) 2700m
(3 big laps)


Age as of 31st December 2017