Manu Heraud – Joining TC

I hope reading my post will help you decide to join the club, do not hesitate! You will not regret it. It is full of great people and you will have a lot of fun.

Before joining the Team Cherwell triathlon club in October 2014, I was swimming on my own once a week and started to run a year before. I wanted to improve my swimming skills and a good friend of mine advised me to join the triathlon club, even if I did not do road bike.
I was not disappointed ! The club have members of all levels, so I felt no shame being a beginner. So many people helped me with their advices and their encouraging words. Two months later, I bought my first road bike and a turbo to practise it, as I was still scared to use it on road.

My First Triathlon

My first triathlon was the Banbury one which is very good to start with. The second one was the Dambuster triathlon with an Olympic distance. I really enjoyed it even if the start in the open water was a little bit scary. Unfortunately, I did not finish my third triathlon (Brackley) due to a bike puncture but I still enjoyed it a lot.

What’s next for 2016

My plan for 2016 to run three triathlons. So far, I have booked only the Dambuster tri.
My goal is to gain more experiences on the bike in order to be able to do a half ironman in 2017.

What I Love About Being A Team Cherwell Member

The thing I like most with the club is the training. The coaches bring you so much and I felt so good after each session to try to push myself. I am going to the track sessions on Mondays, swimming in Spiceball (Woodgreen in summer) on Tuesdays and in Bloxam on Fridays. On Saturdays, I am running ParkRun following in the summer with an open water swim in Stowe lake. This year, I also start the Woodgreen Turbo sessions.
In addition to triathlons, last year I have done several runs like my first marathon in Munich, the very muddy WolfRun and an orientation run by night in France.
The photo I have chosen is my first triathlon transition training…to show that sport is fun before everything else.