Two Opening Races for the Juniors 2nd April 2017

Bicester Triathlon

This sunday saw TCJ’s (only a few) open their race season at two venues the more local one at Bicester Tri out of 9 members racing TC came away with three podium finishers.  After the swim the competitors had to undertake a long run from the pool to the new transition area on the grass, the course threw in a few sharp corners and an uneven surface not only on the bike but on the run as well.  In her first race for the club Isla Nurser took 3rd place in the TSS event Max Morgan and Mabel Shepherd both picked up 3rd places in the TS3 race.  Other competitors on the day were Catherine Beck 8th and Niamh Allen 13th in TS1, Isobel Compton-Always, Corrie Dale, and Jake Morgan 5th in TS2, unfortunately Richard Churchill TS3 had a technical issue on the bike he overcame them and finished the race. We did manage our expectations with the race organiser as Isobel’s’ swim has come up as 10:00 hours and Isla has disappeared altogether off the results page, queries have been raised. But good to get a race under our belts and remember how to do everything we need to do in a race situation.

Goodwood Duathlon
Daniel and Thomas Roberts took part in the first Series Event at Goodwood Race Circuit, a Duathlon and it was a very early start for the Roberts family but good results all round.  Daniel stormed home 1st in TS3 and a brilliant 8th for Thomas his first race as a TS1 a huge step up from the TSS age group.

Looking forward to the next Series event Dinton Kids Duathlon on Friday 14/4/2017 entry closes on the 11/4/2017 so plenty of time to sign up, still only four TCJ members currently taking part.